How it works

We built breathe journal to help calm your mind, de-stress and build self-awareness.

Why breathe?

Breathing helps you to connect back in with your body and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Our breathing exercises create a space to connect with what’s coming up for you in that moment. This allows you to focus on what needs attention in your mind.

Why journal?

Once in the right headspace, the journaling helps you to release what’s come up. Allowing the mind to breakdown and release small stresses that build up over time. In turn gaining a new perspective, and often resolve your situation.

Imagine you have an empty glass, if you add a bit of water every day it won’t be long before your glass is overflowing. This is how your mind works, every time you add a little stress it brings you closer to overflowing.

The breathe journal is a way to empty your glass on a regular basis and not let things build up over time.